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Soup & Salad


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Edamame $2.95

Fresh Oyster $3
Japanese style with spicy ponzu sauce. 2 pieces

Screem Inor Gazim $11.95
Seared tuna sashimi with spicy cream sauce

Soft Shell Crab $5.50


Tempura $6.50
Available in veggie, shrimp, seafood, and combination

Agedashi Tofu $4.50
Fried Tofu

Takoyaki $4.95
Octopus Dumpling Ball. 5 pieces


Geso $4.95

Gyoza $4.50
Pot Stickers. 5 pieces


Shumai $4.95
Steam Shrimp Dumpling. 3 pieces


Frallops $4.95
Deep fried scallop. 3 pieces

Fried Oyster $4.95
3 pieces


Baked Green Mussel $4.95
3 pieces


Dynamite $8.50
Baked seafood & veggie

Kama $8.95
Grilled Fish Collar (Yellow tail or Salmon)


Fried Rice $8.95
Available in chicken or shrimp


Fried Noodle $8.95
Available in chicken or shrimp